Thursday, October 28, 2010

Mystery Cocktail Night

Each month, apparently, the Officers' Club requires a club or unit to "sponsor" a night at the O Club.  It was our turn in October.  We talked about it at our first OSC Board meeting and of course when you think October, you think Halloween, but the Nitzschke's have (from what I've heard) a really fabulous Halloween "Howl" party where people come in costumes, so we didn't want to be redundant.

Megan Coletta, the CO's Wife for H&HS (that's COW of H&HS to you!) came up with the idea for a "Mystery Cocktail Night" at the Board meeting.  OSC has the same deal as the O Club, where each unit or group sponsors a monthly activity for the OSC.  Megan and H&HS can either look at it as "no good idea goes unpunished" or ""Hooray! H&HS gets it out of the way!"  but a few days after the meeting....Megan/H&HS were crowned the leaders of the Mystery Cocktail Night!  ☺

Carrie Brittain, the XO's wife (XOW?) is quite talented in the art department and made the H&HS poster.  
So here's what the event entailed.  Each unit or group (Way to go Teachers!) dreamt up a drink recipe, gave it a catchy name, submitted the recipe to the Club's bartenders who had gallons of each drink made up before go-time and then created a fantastic poster "advertising" their drink.  Each drink was $4.50 for a full drink or $1 for a shooter if you wanted to sample many.

That's a lot of shooters!!!!!!!!!  ☺
Here's what the all of the drinks were from left to right (I think....don't hold me to the order!)  Most of the names of the drinks come from the Unit's nicknames (The Bats of 242, the Marauders (Another name for Pirates) of MALS-12), the unit's job (MWSS-171 refuels the jets) or the symbols (H&HS's symbol is the Torii):

The Teachers' had a "Hot for Teacher" shot which was Goldschlagger and Cinnamon Schnapps!

MAG-12's Trick or Treat Wicked Cocktail (Amaretto, Vodka, Triple Sec and a splash of Vampire Blood.  If no vampire blood is available, orange juice will do!)

MALS-12's was the Marauder's Typhoon (Sake, rum, pineapple and orange juice with a splash of grenadine) ARGH!!!

MWSS-171's was JP-8 (Jet Fuel for you non-military types) (Jamaican Rum and Pineapple Juice) Don't be a fool! Drink the Fuel!

VMFA(AW)-242's Bat Guano (Midori, vodka, blue curacao, orange juice and sprite)

H&HS's Tiki Torii (Malibu Rum, pineapple juice, sprite, splash of grenadine) 

The bartenders kept track of how many $4.50 drinks were sold and at the end of the night, the top two were Tiki Torii  and Bat Guano.   It was a photo finish!!!!  But the Tiki Torii nudged out the Bat Guano by a nose and is now going to be a semi-permanent (not sure how long) "Club Favorite" drink!

There's lots and lots more pictures posted on our Facebook account that you can access here.

It was a ton of a fun and really set the stage for all of the awesome events we have in store for our members this year!  Please join us!!!!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Welcome Luau

In September, our main event was the Welcome Luau 
at the Officers' Club. 

There are so many fun events this year!  We hope you will join us!!!
There was a great turnout at the Luau.  It was a great idea to combine it with the Officers' Club monthly "Command Roll-off". 

Several Board members took turns manning the Welcome table.  Thanks ladies!
So many pretty Hawaiian dresses, leis and flowers in hair were worn.  It felt very festive.  Aloha!!!!
There are a few more dates set in stone now, but this was our list of fabulous events that we had planned at the time of the Luau.  More details to come as we get things ironed out!

If you would like to see all of the pictures from the fun event, please check out our photo album on Facebook.  Either "friend" us or just check out our album at Welcome Luau Facebook Photo Album.  Tag yourself if you see a picture of yourself! 

Aloha and Mahalo!!!!!!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Hello and Welcome to the "Newsletter"

Hello!  My name is Susan Wagoner and I'm the Newsletter chair for the MCAS Iwakuni Officers' Spouses' Club for 2010-2011.  I wanted to try something new (and it might have something to do with that I don't know Microsoft Publisher.....shhhh!) and have the newsletter online in a few different forms.

I made a Facebook page where I'm planning on posting all of the events as status updates as well as making picture albums from our events.  You can find it (and friend it!) at 

I wanted to let you know that the Facebook privacy settings are set to only allow "Friends" to see pictures so your pictures are fairly safe.  That being said, if you get "tagged" and don't want to be "tagged" (because then your friends would be able to see the picture) then please untag yourself.  And if there is a picture that you do not want posted to the web, after the fact, then please just e-mail me and I will take it down. 

I am hoping to blog fairly regularly so if there are any command reps who would like to post something, please send it to me and I'll post it as an entry!

Each time that I post an entry, I will post it to the Facebook page.

I look forward to hearing your comments and suggestions and hopefully not many complaints, but always let me know if something is on your mind!

We're off to a great start to our year with lots of things planned!  I look forward to growing this online "newsletter" along with you!!!!!