Sunday, December 5, 2010

MCAS Iwakuni Quarters One Holiday Party

It is a wonderful tradition that the Commanding Officer of Marine Corps Air Station Iwakuni invites the members of the Officers' Spouses' Club as well as members of the JMSDF Officer spouses to a holiday party in December.  

Colonel Stewart is a geo-bachelor, so there were several members of the OSC Club who stepped up to get Quarters One decorated.  The end result was absolutely beautiful! Thank you to Nicci Aikey, Tish Petersen, Meeghan Ertwine, Trang Baseel and Chantelle Lang for all of your fabulous hard work!  WOW!!
Very festive, using the Stewarts' gorgeous antiques. 
Many, many more pictures here.

It is normally catered, but it was decided that we could do it nicer job in a less expensive way, in these economic times.  So all of the members looked through their recipe boxes and made this delicious spread!
Appetizers, main dishes, desserts...all so scrumptious!
Then we had a Christmas present exchange.  We sat in two groups and Valerie read the "Left Right Night Before Christmas" story.  It was SUPER FUN!!!!
Each time Valerie said "left" we passed the package in front of us to the left and each time she said "right" we passed the package in front of us to the right.  Very fun and entertaining!!!!
Here's the story if you want to do it with your group or family!  ☺

We are so privileged to have Harumi Redden as a member of our Officer Spouses' Club's Board as the Commanding Officer's wife of MALS-12.  She is a Japanese native (from Hiroshima) and served as our translator.  She did a fantastic job.  Thank you Harumi!!!!!!!

We all were laughing here because Valerie went on a little long and Harumi teased her that she wasn't sure if she could remember all that she said!  ☺

I was in the kitchen when Harumi and Colonel Stewart were talking about their closing remarks and he asked Harumi, "How do you say 'Merry Christmas' in Japanese?"  The answer is....Merry Christmas!  ☺
Thank you so much to Colonel Stewart for opening his home to all of us for a very festive afternoon!

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